What is migration like in your area?

posted : 13th September 2016

Migration is one of the most discussed topics of our time. The latest statistics showed that over the last year net migration (the balance between immigration – those entering the UK for a year or more, and emigration – those leaving the UK for a year or more) was estimated to be 327,000. Also, it was reported that across the UK 1 in 8 people were born outside the UK.

But the picture of migration is more complex; migration affects some local areas more than others. What do you think the levels are like in your local area?

How much does the non-UK born population vary across the UK?

London has the largest proportion of non-UK born residents (37%). It also has 5 local authorities where 50% (or more) of the population were born outside of the UK – Brent (54% non-UK born), Newham (54%), Kensington and Chelsea (52%), Harrow (50%), and Westminster (50%). The map shows that the percentage of the non-UK born population is generally lower outside of London, and the lowest levels tend to be found in rural areas.

Overall for the UK as a whole, the proportion of the population born outside of the UK was 13% (8.6 million of 64.3 million). Of this, 3.2 million were born within the EU, and 5.4 million were born outside of the EU.

Non-UK born population, Great Britain, 2015
Annual Population Survey

Source: Population by Country of Birth and Nationality,ONS