Month: October 2016

  • Public must join fight against people trafficking

    18th October 2016

    18 October is the national Anti-Slavery Day, created to raise awareness of modern slavery and to inspire government, businesses and individuals to eliminate it. The public must join the fight in tackling modern slavery and help the police to find victims who are being traded by criminals, James Tullett, the head of victims of slavery support at Migrant Help UK, said...Read more

  • Horrors of modern slavery under spotlight at Migrant Help UK exhibition

    4th October 2016

    An estimated 13,000 people are being held captive in modern slavery in the UK. By the time you finish reading this, another two people will have become victims of slavery somewhere in the world. These people are coerced into forced or bonded labour, domestic servitude, prostitution, forced marriages and even child slavery. They are imprisoned,...Read more