Month: September 2016

  • What is migration like in your area?

    13th September 2016

    Migration is one of the most discussed topics of our time. The latest statistics showed that over the last year net migration (the balance between immigration – those entering the UK for a year or more, and emigration – those leaving the UK for a year or more) was estimated to be 327,000. Also, it was...Read more

  • ITV News – Migrant numbers unaffected by Brexit vote, charity warns

    9th September 2016

    John Powell OBE, Migrant Help UK’s Director of National Operations, talked to ITV News about the current trends in asylum applications. The piece also features some of the charity’s clients who came to seek a better life in the United Kingdom. Click on the picture below to watch the report....Read more

  • ‘Faith is less important in our work now’, says refugee charity’s chaplaincy leader

    1st September 2016

    Gone are the days when chaplaincy work was about coming along with a holy book and offering to read a few passages with clients, says the chaplaincy leader of a prominent UK-wide refugee charity. As a result, the inclusion of humanists as part of a multi-faith chaplaincy is a natural evolution of the service, says...Read more