Category: Modern slavery

  • Modern slavery and human trafficking

    4th October 2017

    The International Labour Organisation and the Walk Free Foundation recently published the Global Estimates of Modern Slavery. An estimated 40.3 million people were victims of modern slavery in 2016. 24.9 million of them were in forced labour. That is, they were being forced to work under threat or coercion as domestic workers, on construction sites,...Read more

  • Certificate of Appreciation for Migrant Help UK

    9th March 2017

    Migrant Help UK was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by Kevin Hyland, the UK Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner, for its work in supporting victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. Migrant Help UK is one of the organisations sub-contracted by The Salvation Army to assist victims in England. We also provide this service in Scotland...Read more

  • More victims of trafficking need to be identified

    10th February 2017

    The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration has published report on the UK Border Force’s identification and treatment of potential victims of modern slavery. The inspection found that identification of victims and perpetrators needs urgent improvement. The most recent official statistics show that there were 3266 potential victims identified in 2015. However, it is...Read more

  • Creating partnerships to benefit Migrant Help UK’s clients

    29th November 2016

    As a charity Migrant Help UK always looks for ways of addressing our clients’ needs the best we can and we often do that through partnerships with other organisations. Recently we developed a working partnership with The Lily Trust, a charity that can provide essential and practical items to support survivors of modern day slavery...Read more

  • Raising awareness of labour exploitation

    19th August 2016

    Migrant Help UK assisted with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission’s Hidden Rights film on the labour exploitation of migrant workers. The number of potential victims referred in to the National Referral Mechanism in the UK rose to 3,266 last year, a 40 per cent increase on 2014. There were 53 referrals in Northern Ireland and more...Read more

  • Migrant Help UK backs PM’s pledge to end slavery

    1st August 2016

    Migrant Help UK welcomed the Prime Minister’s determination to end modern slavery and said it fully supports her move to establish a government task force to tackle the problem. As the largest UK-wide charity offering advice and support to vulnerable migrants and trafficked people, Migrant Help UK works towards eliminating modern slavery, forced labour and the...Read more

  • Caseworker praised for saving lives of teenage mother-to-be and baby

    30th December 2015

    Olesya Gunn

    A Migrant Help adviser is being praised for saving the lives of a teenage mother and her newborn baby after finding the pregnant woman sitting in a pool of blood. The vulnerable woman, an Eastern European victim of trafficking living in south-east Kent, doesn’t speak English and became very scared when she started bleeding. She...Read more

  • International Day for the Abolition of Slavery

    2nd December 2015

    The International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is observed on 2 December. The day focuses on eradicating modern forms of slavery, such as human trafficking, sexual exploitation, child labour, forced marriage and the forced recruitment of children for use in armed conflicts. Unfortunately, freedom is still a dream for many. In the United Kingdom...Read more

  • Domestic servitude victim talks about her experience

    21st October 2015

    Sandra*, who was lured into the UK by her uncle and then made to work unpaid for two years by his family, talked to BBC about her experience. She hopes sharing her story will help raise awareness of the hidden crime of human trafficking and modern slavery. Sandra is recovering from her ordeal with the...Read more

  • Anti Slavery Day 2015

    15th October 2015

    To mark this year’s Anti Slavery Day Migrant Help has published the following press release. Kidnappers forced me to be a sex worker Anti-Slavery Day on October 18 will focus on victims of modern-day human trading, such as Maria who was snatched at gunpoint and brought to Britain Slavery is big business for organised crime with...Read more