My Story of Migration between England and France


The book “My Story of Migration” is collection of migrants’ stories who have moved and settled to live in Kent, Southern England and Amiens, Northern France. This is a product of the AGIR (Action to Generate Inclusion for Residents of a migrant background) Project, the purpose of the book is to record the experiences of migrants’ and offer the reader a view of the challenges faced by migrants whilst settling into their communities and focuses on their integration and inclusion.

It is the result of a number of intergenerational workshops organized during the autumn 2014. It was created by the French authors and artists of ‘On a Marche sur la Bulle’ and illustrates the diversity of views from each of those who participated.

Touching, funny or bitter-sweet, these short stories, in their own way, shed light on a part of their individual journeys and their experience of contemporary history.

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