What we do

  • Advice and guidance to asylum seekers

    We have been helping people who are fleeing from persecution, war and torture for over 50 years. Today, we are the leading UK organisation providing asylum advice and guidance services in the UK. Find out more about Asylum Help.

  • Specialist support for Victims of Trafficking

    Slavery still exists in the UK today. We provide victims of human trafficking with the practical and emotional support they need to rebuild their lives.

  • Foreign National Detainee Services

    People in immigration detention centres often have very limited understanding of the UK legal system, their rights or the English language. They may be asylum seekers whose claims are being processed or have been refused or individuals who have overstayed their visa. Our Foreign National Detainee Services provide the vital support and advice they need to understand the system and their situation.

  • Information and advice to Foreign National Prisoners

    We work to ensure that foreign national prisoners fully understand their situation and can make informed choices so that they can move on positively with their lives. We provide appropriate advice and information during and at the end of their sentences.